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About Us

    YiYong is a premier manufacturer of plastic parts from most types of plastic materials since 1984. Our products are widely used for Electrical、Communications、Valve seals、 Flow control、 Auto Industry、Medical Devices、Food Machinery and so on.

Our material covers: PTFE、PEEK、TPX、PEI(Ultem)、PET-P、PA66、PA6、PCTFE、PPS、PPO/PPE、PFA、ETFE、PCTFE、PVDF、 PAI、 PI(Vespel)、Rexolite .etc

     We are the first manufacturer of PTFE/Teflon rod in China, we can monitor the material mechanical property,heavy metals and other toxic and hazardous substances in our polymer lab,we also have TPX and PA66 extrusion lines. We have been established excellent relationship with over 150 enterprises, Including 4 top 500 enterprises in the world.

    Today, Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in growing your business.

Our History :

1993    Yiyong was found by XiaoLiang Bian, its predecessor can be traced back to 1984,                      The First product was PTFE insulator.

1995    PTFE Research Center was founded.

2003    Passed ISO 9001, ISO 14000. 

2004    Yiyong introduced advanced professional extrude lines and molded equipment.

2005    Build Cooperation with IMS, and Honored with  “The best supplier”.

2005    Build  Cooperation with Huber + suhner , and developed as the exclusive supplier of                  Insulator.

2006    Build the long term cooperation with Rosenberger.

2010    Passed audit by Samsung.

2013    Build Cooperation with Foxcnn.

2015    Automatic production system and inspection system started.

We will keep trying in the Future!

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