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About Us

YiYong is a premier manufacturer of plastic parts from most types of plastic materials since 1984. Our products are widely used for Electrical、Communications、Valve seals、 Flow control、 Auto Industry、Medical Devices、Food Machinery and so on.

Our material covers: PTFE、PEEK、TPX、PEI(Ultem)、PET-P、PA66、PA6、PCTFE、PPS、PPO/PPE、PFA、ETFE、PCTFE、PVDF、 PAI、 PI(Vespel)、Rexolite .etc

We are the first manufacturer of PTFE/Teflon rod in China, we can monitor the material mechanical property,heavy metals and other toxic and hazardous substances in our polymer lab,we also have TPX and PA66 extrusion lines.

Our team of managerment engineers and technicians puts their polymer science experience and skills into work to meet all various of specific needs.

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