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PCTFE insulator
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    • PCTFE insulator
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PCTFE insulator

PCTFE or CTFE (originally known as Kel-F) has many of the properties similar to other fluoropolymers such as PTFE, FEP or PFA, but is mechanically superior in rigidity (does not deform easily), and has very low gas permeability . Its dimensional stability makes it attractive for use as a component of a structural part where the high temperature and chemical resistance of fluoropolymers is required. PCTFE shows high compressive strength and low deformation under load. However, its relative cost is one of the major considerations in its selection, since it is quite expensive.

With a useful temperature range of -400°F to +400°F (-240 to +204°C) and an outgassing of 0.01% TML, 0.00% CVCM, 0.00% WVR when tested per ASTM E-595-90, PCTFE is the only thermoplastic fluoropolymer with these characteristics that is also suitable for aerospace applications.We have PCTFE available in sheet, rod, film, and tube for all applications.


· Lower cold flow than other fluoropolymers 

· High compressive strength

· Low gas permeability

· Zero moisture absorbtion

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