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TPX (Polymethylepentene)
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    • TPX (Polymethylepentene)
Product Detail

TPX (Polymethylepentene) is a lightweight, high temperature polyolefin with exceptional acoustical and electrical properties. TPX has low moisture absorption and excellent chemical resistance. It is often used for applications requiring low distortion of sound waves including sonar covers, speaker ones, and ultrasonic transducer heads. TPX is also used for electrical insulating applications requiring high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant.

TPX is used in a wide variety of applications, including: medical equipment, laboratory ware, small appliances, ovenware, baking cartons, release paper, wire and cable coating, and a number of industrial uses.




·  Excellent heat resistance-With a melting point of 240C (480F) and a high Vicat softening point, TPX lends itself to applications involving high service temperatures.

·  Outstanding transparency -TPX has a visible light transmittance of 90 percent and is superior in transmittance in the ultraviolet region than glass and other transparent resins.

·  TPX has exceptional electrical insulating properties with a dielectric constant that is the lowest among all known synthetic resins.

·  Low specific gravity -The density of TPX is the lowest of all commercially available thermoplastics at 0.83g/cm³

·  Outstanding chemical resistance

·  TPX is highly resistant to most organic and inorganic commercial chemicals.



Yiyong Can provide the following TPX products:

TPX rod

TPX tube

TPX insulator

TPX turning parts

TPX injection parts

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